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Tamil Holi Mp3 Songs Download StarmusiQ
Tamil Holi Hits Mp3 Songs Download StarmusiQ

Tamil Holi songs collection is the tribute the legend of Kama Deba. People of Tamil Nadu celebrate Holi around Kama Deva, the God of love. On this very day, people who celebrate sing holi songs to commemorate the pathetic story of Rati. holi has its own colors and channels of celebrations with different names such as Kama Dahanam, kamavilas, and Kama Pandigai.

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List of Tamil Holi Songs Collection

Here, you can have the most used and popular Tamil holi songs download for the occasion.

  • Deewana Deewana song from the movie Gemini is the most popular holi song around Tamil Naru. The song was a hotcake in 2002 when the movie got released. Featuring Vikram and Kran for the song on the movie adds a thrilling moment for the dancers even till now. The song was pictured in Chennai which added an actual North-Indian touch of the holi celebration.
  • Melala Vedikudhu, one of the most popular latest song from the movie Aarambham got released just before the movie. The song attracts the spectators of the movie and made it a box office hit. The time of releasing movie was also on holi celebration around the northern India. the famous actress Nayantara performed the song along with Rana Duggubati and Ajith. You will get another smell from the song when the duo runs after Nayantara to make her colorful.
  • Oday Oday is another song which got released in 2013 but from a different movie. The melody song is from hit movie Raja Rani. Super actor Arya and actress Nazriya performed for the incredible melody holi song. The performers shared the screen with beautiful dance having rains which add colors and fun to the audiences and fans.
  • Unaal Unaal is the song from the movie Ambikapathy. The movie is a Tamil remake of Raanjhanaa which cast the stylish girl Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush. You’ll be amazed at some beautiful shots and sceneries of the song. Even you’ll be stunned by watching the approach of the dream girl Sonam Kapoor for the song. You must feel a different dream world after watching the song when Sonam and Dhanush apply hot colors to them.
  • Potta pulla is driven from the movie cuckoo which was released in 2014. The song was an essential part of the movie where the song brought festival looks and colors for the disabled people of the society. Actor Dinesh performed a great role for the song along with his friends by coloring the holi festival.
  • Po Indru Neeyaga , another song of 2014 from the movie VIP is also admirable for holi song. The particular holi song was featured by Dhanush and Amalapaul in which Amalapaul enjoyed playing holi colors. The duos sprayed colors to each other and make them wholly colored.

Holi is one of the most celebrated occasions in India. As the god of love came there, they remember the occasion with different festivals. But the songs dedicated to holi are not well enriched in Tamil comparatively to the Bollywood industry. The situation is getting changed and many holi songs are created. Without holi songs, dance and smearing color festival aren’t fulfilled. I strongly believe you; ll get the perfect song from Tamil holi songs collection.